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Khaddar fabric is best for winter apparel. It is warm, stylish, and comfortable and anyone can slay it. Khaddar is also known as khadi fabric which is a handwoven fabric made from cotton. This fabric khaddar is a “winter version” of khadi. Khadi is more of a summer term. However, the benefits remain the same.

It brings versatility to the wardrobe with its unique enchanting prints and embroideries. Winters are no more boring tales of frozen life. Khaddar fabric is here to set the new trends and tints. It comes in very lively and colorful patterns. One can’t resist the temptation of including this magic in their apparel.

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Why Khaddar in Winter is Best?

Khaddar stuff is best in winters because

  • It is warm
  • The colors are chic. Base colors are also vibrant. Most winter fabrics have limited basic colors but khadar has given a new canvas to the textile industry.
  • Patterns are catchy whether they be geometrical designs or digital prints, landscapes, or traditional touches.
  • It doesn’t get shrink like wool or pashmina yet gives the same warm feeling.
  • The coloring is permanent.
  • Khaddar comes in attractive prints, unlike wool or pashmina which comes in a plain base.
  • The fabric wins in a way that it doesn’t only come with embroideries but also comes in designs+ embroideries. This gives the dress a heavily embellished look.

Khaddar Suits

Khaddar suits are equally popular in both men’s and women’s fashion trends. The reason is that khaddar comes in wonderful designs and mesmerizing prints. Khaddar dresses look wonderfully stylish. They are carved into different stitching styles and look eye catchy in every attire. Almost all known designers in Pakistan launch their khaddar collection every year. They offer both print and unstitched collections.

khaddar fabric is best for winter dresses. It gives a warm and comforting feeling. It keeps you warm yet classy at the same time. khaddar fabric for summer has its own grace. Summer fabric has less thickness than winter khaddar which makes it cool, breezy, and light in summers.

Where to Buy Khaddar Cloth Online?

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