Eid Dresses

Eid is a festive season and is celebrated worldwide by Muslims. Choice of eid dresses? Is a question that pops up in your mind even months before eid. Ladies start cooking up the ideas and everyone wants to look as good as they can. Some of us search for ideas about eid dresses on the internet. While others make plans with friends or sisters and some of us just wait for the right moment to buy that perfect eid dress.Fashion and trends keep on changing every year. On eid, ladies want to get all dolled up in trendy wears. We have some new eid dresses ideas that we have decided to share with you guys. 

Ideas about Eid Dresses

Eid Dresses

Here are a few ideas about eid dresses to make you look fabulous and enchanting.

1. Wear something traditional

Whether you live in Pakistan or abroad, traditional dresses are best for eid. They look elegant, classy, and beautiful. Our culture is rich in colors and traditional dresses give you that classic look. Some traditional eid dress ideas are

2. Shalwar kameez

Shalwar Kameez

Shalwar kameez is not only a national dress its an artifact tailored to perfection. It looks good on almost everyone. You can wear fancy, embroidered, or simple shalwar kameez to give you a perfect eid look. Eid is incomplete without savory and delicious food items. If you are a lady of a house and have to manage the kitchen as well, then shalwar kameez is the comfiest outfit. 

3. Kurtas and trousers

Almost all the famous brands introduce their stitched eid collection. You can buy kurta for your eid dress. Kurtas give both modern and traditional look. They look best with trousers or palazzos.

4. Lehnga choli

Lehnga choli has a certain posh and elegant touch to it. Although most little girls wear this dress on eid, lehenga choli suits young ladies too.  Elderly women can wear gharara to achieve a traditional and graceful look.

5. Jumpsuits

Fashion preferences have changed and girls are bringing variations to their eid dresses. Jumpsuits have been revolutionized in the fashion industry. They are available in pretty prints and patterns. Mostly young girls and ladies living abroad choose them as their eid dress.

6. Frocks

Floral prints are in fashion this 2021. Frocks with floral prints give that luxe feel on eid which is a demand of the festival. These are perfect eastern wear if you carry them with choori dar pajama. Frocks, jhumkas, and choori dar pajama is a killing combination. Go for it ladies.

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7. Gowns

Gowns are ideal party wears. If you are invited to the eid party, wear a gown. It gives a poised and composed finesse. You will look beautiful and gorgeous in a gown.

8. Two-color scheme dress

Wearing all black with a red dupatta or all white with colorful dupatta is also a trend. This combo is fiery and hot yet traditional and ethnic. Such dresses are a safe choice and are superb attire for traditional festivals.

9. Tops and western wear

You can go for chic attire also. Choose between trendy tops, silk trousers, denim jackets, and whatever you want to add. Many brands have their western wear lines and you can also buy matching accessories with them.

10. Hijab

Many Muslim women wear a hijab in their daily routine. Different scarf, abayas, and hijabs are also in fashion. You can match your scarf with your outfit or buy an abaya of your choice to give yourself that true Muslim look.

11. Skirts

Skirts are a very comfortable yet alluring outfit. You can wear skirts in different colors and prints. Matching your earrings and bracelets with skirts gives you a trendy and sassy look.

How to buy an Eid dress

While buying your eid dress, keep these few tips in your mind and we bet you will grab the best deal

1. Survey the market and compare

A comparison between different brands helps you to make better choices. Compare their prices, quality, and the color themes they are offering this season. Then choose according to your preferences. Go for a budget-friendly best quality eid dress.

2. Wait For the Sale

Almost every brand offers its season-ending sale. Grab the best piece and save them for the next eid festival. Mix them with other pieces to make your dream outfit.You can also grab unstitched pieces from sale and use them later on for eid dresses. Buying and using different fancy cut pieces also adds lavishing and luxurious spice to your outfit.

3. Choose a Comfortable Outfit

While deciding for an eid dress, go for a comfortable outfit. Eid is usually a hectic day as you greet and meet many people. Families invite one another to dinners and lunches. Eid is a busy day, especially in Pakistan. A comfy outfit helps you to manage things better. It helps you to avoid that uneasy feeling all-day.

Eid fashion 2021

2021 is a year of pandemic. Most of the time was spent at home. Different fashion ideas for 2021 are

1. Printed Masks and gloves

Covid 19 has changed the whole world. Wearing masks and gloves are a new normal. Different printed masks and gloves were seen worn by different people. Even custom made masks that have your face printed on them were also witnessed.

2. High boots

High boots under your pants give that modest chic look. High boots are included in the 2021 fashion must list. 

3. Long sleeves

The idea to cover yourself completely in 2021 has given rise to the fashion of long sleeves. Go for victorian long sleeves or Pakistani/Indian tight long sleeves. They both look good and acceptable in 2021.

4. Hats

Hats are in high-class fashion. A perfect hat can change your whole personality. They are good to wear in summers as well as in winter. 

5. Goggles

Goggles are so much in fashion that people wear goggles even at their weddings then why not on eid. They are included in the fashion list 2021. Round shaped or heart-shaped fancy goggles are hit this season.These were few ideas to brighten up your eid. Get your desired outfit and mix and match different fashionable accessories to give yourself the exquisite look.