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Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

How our privacy policy works?

It’s your trust that matters

With every transaction, you trust us with your personal information. You provide us your email id, addresses, names, and even phone numbers to reach you out. We are also able to learn your IP address through your browsing and your operating system also comes in our attention when you go through our online store.

Your every single piece of information that you share with us is precious and we completely understand that we have a responsibility to keep that trusteeship. This is a valuable bond between us and our customers.

It’s when you say yes!

With your consent, we collect your data. When you provide us your email accounts and bank details, you agree to give your information to us. This information is strictly used for transaction purposes only. We make sure that things are delivered properly on time and at the given address.

We may ask for your consent to reach you out through email marketing. You will get updates and notifications through email. We totally respect the fact that you have the right to discard any such right to use your information.

You can always choose

We need your approval to use your information for transactions and marketing purposes. But you can always say no if you don’t want us to contact you. A simple email to our representative will do the work.

You can email us at SELECTION.PK if you don’t want to receive any further information from our side

Safety is for all

Your data is completely safe with us and we protect it. But the provided data can be used for legal proceedings if ever required.
In case of violation of our policy terms and services, the provided data will be further used for appropriate legal action against insolvency.

Daraz. Pk

All the data that you trust with us, is collected through daraz online store that collects your information with every transaction. The data is stored only for transaction purpose and get deleted by itself after the delivery process is done.

Your data is protected through strong firewalls and we ensure and prioritize your privacy and safety.

Mode of payment

You decide your mode of payment. If you choose a direct method, then daraz has access to your credit card data. This is sensitive information and right after the transaction is complete, your private data get erased on its own.

Your credit card information is encrypted through PCI-DSS (payment card industry data security standard) which ensures the safe and secure handling of your credit card information.

You can read our terms of services for better knowledge of privacy policy.

Third-party intervention

The third-party is involved in our transactions only when it is needed and they don’t get any extra information. For payment methods, third parties like payment gateways will get your payment details. These providers usually have their own security policies and you need to read their privacy statements for further information.

Your payment gateway will decide your jurisdiction area according to where they are located e.g if the third party is located in some other area then your information privacy will be subject to laws of that jurisdiction area.

When you leave our online store page and are directed towards the third party, then your information is governed by the third party and our privacy policy no longer applies.


Any link that takes you away from our site is beyond our territory. You are responsible for yourself in case of providing personal and confidential information to those links. Be aware and read their policies before doing any such act.

Precautionary measures

Your safety is our responsibility. We ensure that the information that you provide us is prudent and well protected. We take all the necessary measures to secure your personal information so that it can be protected against misuse and unauthorized access
Despite the fact that the internet is not a 100% safe place, we take all the precautionary measures and follow the PCI-DSS protocols for client safety.


We use cookies to track your footprints and understand you better. But allowing for cookies is strictly your choice and you can deny or disable the cookies whenever you want.

Your consent

You trust us with your most private information and we don’t collect it without your consent. You have to agree that you have the appropriate age to use our website and all the transactions that you are allowing us to do on your behalf are strictly with your approval.

In case of any change in this privacy policy

We withhold the possession to revise this privacy policy at any time, so you are advised to frequently reexamine it.

Once the changes are posted on the website, they will be effective immediately and shall be considered liable. You may get notification in case of any change in policy so that it remains in your knowledge.
In case of a merger or acquaintance with another company, the new owners will be responsible for your information.

Contact us

You can always contact us for any queries or problems. You just need to register a complaint for access, correction, or deletion of any personal information and we will be there to help you.
contact our Privacy Compliance Officer at [email protected] or by mail at
327-B Near Noor Masjid Dubai Road Main Gardezi Market Gulgasht Multan, Punjab, Pakistan.