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Linen Suits for Women

Linen is a commonly used fabric for both winter and summer outfits. It’s that nice comfy feeling that makes it distinctive amongst other fabrics. Linen is made from flax plants and is very soft and relaxing. This fabric has a lot of contribution in making some fine and mesmerizing outfits.

The fabric has a long history and mankind has experienced this finesse 30 thousand years back. Quite a journey! Back then linen was also used as the inner lining of dresses. Due to its soft texture, this fabric was also used to make undergarments.

Nowadays Linen is part of our lives in numerous ways and frankly speaking many of them go unnoticed too. Linen is used in making outfits, aprons, towels, bedsheets, chair cushions, and covers, and what not? This fabric has got all the attention it deserves.

Why linen?

The fabric is very much recommended because

  • Linen is strong and durable
  • The fabric is airy and comfy.
  • It’s durable than cotton.
  • Linen dries faster than cotton which makes it best for both summer and winter outfits.
  • The fabric is more absorbent. It absorbs sweat and dries away quickly leaving the body fresh.
  • Linen gives a nice warm feeling in winters.
  • It doesn’t wrinkle easily.
  • The fabric has great fall which makes it the best choice for long dresses and gowns. 

Linen in Dresses

Linen has made it easier to adopt global trends. It has also reduced the pressure of handling weather extremities vs fashion trends. This fabric has made fashion “comfortable”. Before that fashion was something to follow blindly even if it hurts your body.

Also, linen has always been part of apparel whether it be dresses, jackets, handkerchiefs in men suiting, or lingeries. It can also be designed to look like any other stuff. There is no fashion trend that Linen can’t handle. This fabric has it all.

Linen suits for women

Fashions trends for women around the globe are vast. Whether it be modern dressing or notion of the old classical era, western dressing, or eastern trends, Linen can fit in every outfit.

Buy Ladies Dresses Online

In the sub-continent, a Linen dress is more of a necessity too. Fashion is not easy to follow in cold weather but Linen has solved the problem. Designers use this fabric to create appealing outfits for women. Most of the winter collections have a separate section of Linen dresses. Where women can choose their favorite prints to create magic within their aura.

Linen dresses in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the linen industry has a separate fan following. Linen customers believe in style with comfort. Almost every brand and designer has a linen collection in their outfits.

The dresses come in beautiful prints and embroideries. As the fabric is strong, it carries heavy thread work well. The linen embroidered dress looks ravishing and delight to the eyes.

In old times linen was used as a canvas for oil painting. Now Digital prints have made it easy to portray finery on fabric. The Digital printed linen gives exquisite precision to designs. This has introduced new trends in fabric.

Linen Dress Design

Designers have explored the variety of fashion uses for this fabric. From gowns to coats, and shawls to shalwar kameez, Linen has never failed to mesmerize its customers. Many brands treat linen to look like denim which gives it an edge over actual denim, ” comfort”.

Women can bring so much variety in even simple linen shalwar kameez that one will be amazed to know. Some of the linen dress design ideas are

  • Long shirt with choori dar pajama. Linen will give an excellent fall to long shirt giving it a royal look.
  • Short linen shirt with heavy Patiala shalwar.
  • Linen gowns
  • Heavily embroidered linen dresses
  • Linen jackets
  • Printed Linen coati on simple shalwar kameez
  • Linen poncho on shalwar kameez
  • Scarfs on western dresses
  • Linen pants give that wrinkle-free beautiful crease.

Where to Buy Linen Dresses Online in Pakistan?

Almost every fashion brand offers a linen collection from where you can buy linen dresses online. They offer linen unstitched collection, 3 piece linen suit, 2 piece linen suit, 1 piece(mostly shirt), and pret collection. There are online portals too that open the doors of fashion possibilities to give you chance to own this magical fabric.

You can also buy linen fabric online from the selection. pk. We offer the best quality soft linen at jaw-dropping prices. We have a simple printed collection along with linen embroidery fabric. Our dresses are not only the epitome of fashion but also speak a language of tradition.

Our Linen Collection at the

We offer the best prints, wonderful tints, and beautiful linen embroidery fabric. Our linen embroidery suits are our specialty. We provide fine fabric with both hand and machine thread work. With our Linen suits, You can transform yourself into a fashionista that too within your budget.



  • We never compromise on quality.
  • We aim to provide the best quality linen suits in Pakistan at very reasonable rates. You can compare them yourself. Our dresses are affordable yet fashionable.
  • You can always trust us for online shopping. There is no chance of a damaged or defective piece and we have a list of loyal customers to prove that.
  • Our dresses don’t fade away after washing.
  • We guarantee your satisfaction. You will get what you will see. Our clients trust us for transparency and honesty.

Linen Dresses on Sale

Although most of the time, we go out of stock because of our beloved customers. We promise this love is two-way. We bring yearly, mid-year, and seasonal sales to our customers on where they can shop their heart out.

Oh and don’t worry, we don’t take time to get restocked! is awaiting your response and we are eager to serve whatever pleases you. DM us on our insta page or buy from the website . We will deliver your desired dress to your doorstep within a week of purchase.

Divulge yourself into a world of class, fashion, and tradition. Happy shopping!

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