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Khadi Cotton Fabric

When it comes to “refreshing fabric”, Khadi is the first word that strikes our mind. Originally from the subcontinent, khadi cotton fabric was made both for summers and winters. In summers, it stays cool and in winters it gives that comforting warm feeling. Nowadays, people wear it all over the world. Many renowned designers use this fabric to create mesmerizing collections.

A little history of Khadi cotton suits

Khadi was originally developed in the subcontinent. It’s hand-woven from cotton and serves its purpose in all weathers. Silk or wool is also used to make this fabric more adjustable towards weather and fashion needs. Its flexibility to go with every season is why this fabric gained massive popularity in the world just in a few decades. Khadi cotton suits are comfy, refreshing, and soft.
Today the subcontinent countries like Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh have khadi industries that are making export quality fabric.

The variety of khadi cotton fabric

Khadi cotton can be used to make a variety of dresses. Whether it be as traditional as something dhoti or as fashionable as branded dress shirts. The fabric can be used for diverse purposes. Since the fabric is soft, it gives a great fall to dresses like frocks. Nowadays, khadi comes in all colors which gives vibrancy to outfits. Fashion trends have introduced khadi cotton fabric to new heights.

The modern textile industry has revolutionized khadi in unimaginable ways. Now it comes in different prints, catchy hues, alluring designs, and embellished hand-made and machine embroidery.

Due to the unique adjustment feature to fit in all weathers, this fabric is best for every type of suiting. The best thing is that khadi can even be used in western dresses which is a reason why international brands are also adopting this fabric for their showcase collections.

The other best thing is that this fabric doesn’t lock body moisture. So it keeps the body sweat-free and prevents foul smells to penetrate the outfit. This refreshing part makes it the first choice for variant occasions.

Beach gowns or formal suiting, traditional dresses or casual frocks, khadi is best to implement a variety of fashion ideas. Just try the fabric and see how it unlocks the mystery of fashions for you.

Khadi in international clothing

Khadi fabric has made its place in many famous international brands. This year we have witnessed khadi fabric in one of the H&M collections. The famous fashion show held every year in Paris also showcased many collections that used khadi as their fabric.

Khadi cotton suits Pakistan

Pakistan took time to adopt the khadi industry because it was linked to “India” back then. The rivalry made many khadi projects shut down after Pakistan was made. Still, Pakistan has a growing textile industry and Khaadi has a vital part in that.

There is even a brand named “Khaadi” in Pakistan that is growing internationally too. Khadi cotton suits are catchy and can be worn as party and casual wear.

Where to buy khadi suits in Pakistan?

There are several online stores and famous brands that use khadi as their prime fabric. Brands are using this fabric to make all-season collections. Khadi is used for summer dresses, fall collections, pre-winter and winter dresses, and spring collections.
If you want to buy Khadi cotton online, we suggest a selection. Pk. They are one of the trusted retailers that bring khadi to your doorstep. We have personally tried their fabric and it was fine quality as ever. This online store has a large variety of traditional clothing and offers online services both through app and website.

They are representing culture and comfort in the best possible way and we can’t deny that!

Here is what they are offering in khadi fabric

Hand embroidered khadi

The subcontinent is known for its hand textile industry and khadi is a prime example itself. In Pakistan, Multan and Bahawalpur are major cities that are serving fashion with their blood and sweat. Many hand-made techniques like embroidery, dying, block prints, etc are used here, and that too with extreme brilliancy. offers a hand-embroidered khadi collection at a very reasonable price. The work is not easy to do. Trust us it takes time and devotion to create every single artifact of this finesse. Every single dress is magical in its way. They are a true representation of our culture and fashion. has made it possible for the world to reach the limited hand textile industry of Pakistan. They have taken fashion from villages to villas and we thank them for this too.

Machine work embroidery

Fashion has always come up with new techniques. Machines have made it easy to carve the finest details on fabrics that were otherwise time taking. It has effectively reduced effort and labor. Machine embroidered work on khadi dresses has made khadi our desired fabric. has a variety of khadi fabric with machine embroidered work too. Every dress showcase majestically beautiful embroidery in a limited canvas of fabric itself.

Applique Work

The applique work is one of the major traditional techniques in Pakistan. The fabric is sewed on another fabric to make beautiful designs. has a variety of applique work on khadi too.

You can make wonderful designs yourself with already crafted fabric in your hand. Don’t delay and order just now.


Well, many brands meet the international requirements of fashion. Amongst them, we, proudly bring the traditional range to your eyesight. Other brands offer the same khadi cotton fabric at very high rates. Even the simple printed ones are high priced as compared to what offers. has taken time and effort to make sure that cultural handicrafts must reach every potential customer. We have launched both website and app to cater to the needs of our customers.

As we have built up quite a reputation, we get out of stock quite often. However, the good news is that we never say No. Our stocks keep updating and you will always have something traditional yet classy to choose between.


Khadi is a magical fabric that can be transformed effortlessly into any outfit of your dreams. Give this fabric a chance to pop up in your wardrobe, and we bet you won’t look back again.
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